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March 4, 2008

#17 Leprechauns

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Well, just like Golf, Leprechauns aren’t just for white people anymore. Apparently it takes a little more than a 15 hour long flight from Ireland to keep Leprechauns out of the hood. Observe….

 But leave it to the black population to take anything and make musical magic out of it.

 I heard their following that up with a bad ass Dracula remix of “Lean wit it, Suck wit it!” It’s going to be smash hit!!!

March 3, 2008

#16 Big Butts

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Well, where to begin with this one. Have you ever been on a black porn website? There’s only 1 requirement. Have a big ass. You don’t even have to be hot… now while white pornstars are eating low calorie snack bars and doing a ounce of blow a day and finding time to puke in between meals and personal training sessions, black pornstars are eating donuts and McDonald’s cheeseburgers.

Jenna Jameson Vs. Pinky

#15 White Tee Shirts 3 Sizes Too Big

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Now, another true story. I’m in another area of town populated by mostly blacks and hispanics and I see a group of ten black youths walking around in all oversized white tee shirts. Now I don’t about you all, but if myself and any of my buddies wear anything remotely alike when we go out we look like instant douchebags. Kind of like the guido kids…

As far as I knew the “look like everyone else” days were not in anymore. In fact, it’s almost to the point where non-conforming is conforming. Quite the fucking quandry huh? The only example I could find of a good conforming look can be found below. (Chicken Wings Optional)

#14 Having Money and Still Doing Ill Shit.

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Anyone heard of Michael Vick? Maybe O.J. Simpson? How about Leonard Little? Dwight Gooden? 

Oh and of course, my favorite, Mike Tyson.

 These dumb bastards managed to get themselves caught up in bullshit despite having plenty of wealth to just quit their job and never work again. BUT NOPE! They try to juggle two occupations, professional athlete and criminal. I’m sure it’s fucking tough.

 How about we get off the subject of athletes and switch to rappers.

Anyone ever heard of Corey Miller? I have. He made one of the best rap albums in the late 90’s called “Life or Death”. He’s also referred to in the biz as “C-murder”

(notice the pitbull puppy! LOL)

 Guess what he’s in jail for facing 25 to life…. there’s no point in even making a pun out of this one.

Let’s talk about boy genious, DMX.

This guy decides to pull over a car at an airport that cut him off using flashing lights and then telling the driver that he was undercover federal officer…. hmmm. Maybe if Lil Boosie got out of the car and told me that he was a federal agent, I would believe that more than a 10 year rap veteran.

Well I know the white race has some fuck ups of their own but they just don’t seem to get the attention that these characters do… and I know you’re thinking: “He didn’t say anything about Michael!”

This is about black people… come on!!!

#13 Gold Teeth/Grillz

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Now I understand, any succesful business man wants to let it be known that he is an accomplished man. Most do it with a watch, maybe a Rolex, a Tag-Heuer. If you’re a guido, you may even do it by a shiny gold necklace and gold watch. Understandable. But the urban community has developed way to flash your wealth by only having to open your mouth, which I think is fantastic. Now people can look like idiots easily by just opening their mouths, only now words don’t have to come out. Awesome!

Now some of these teeth have the instant power to give street kid to even the least of the street credible people.


Paul Wall’s highschool picture: Then and Now

 Little John’s highschool picture: Then and Now

 The power in these things are amazing. Be careful.

#12 Wearing Sunglasses In Doors and/or At Night.

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Oh theres no doubt about this one. This is a newer fad, started by Atlanta rappers a few years ago but has been in practice for a very long time. The original was Corey Hart in the early 80s. Now my father was even wearing these back in the 70’s because he had perscription glasses and had a pair that were tinted. Sure enough that S.O.B. would put them on and wear them all damn night. My old man should have copyrighted that shit. We’d be rich!

Despite the visibility,safety and vulnerability issues (i wouldn’t ever want to get in a fight in a dark club with shades on, you’d catch the ass beating off your life). Black dudes still wear these. Preferably the glasses need to be Dolce and Gabbana or Prada, maybe even Armani but that takes a lot to get away with. These glasses show off your wealth, or atleast how much you could charge up your available $500 of credit on your credit card this month.

Make sure you show off your AMEX black card this weekend at the club.

But watch out if a chick figures out that it’s an american express gift card that you spray painted black. You lose major baller points with that rookie move.

Now I have to warn you that just like any other new fad, everyone is going to start doing this… maybe even your grandmother.

Even crazed chinese communist dictator Kim Jong Ill is reppin the new look.

If you don’t have a pair yet then you need to step the fuck up!

#11 Video Hoes

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I really don’t even need to post anything but this video up. I guess self respect or intelligence is not a requirement to be in this video.

#10 White Deodorant

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I don’t know what it is, but clear deodorant hasn’t hit ghetto walgreens yet. So in the meanwhile, white deodorant clumps can still be spotted on street basketball players across the U.S.

#9 Blonde Hair on Black Chicks

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Not sure what to make of this, black people would think we were nuts if every white chick in the music videos had purple or green hair CAUSE THAT SHIT JUST AINT NATURAL!!!

Keyshia Cole


Lil Kim

Well you know, there’s worse black hair fashions… so I don’t have too much to say about blonde hair on black chicks.

#8 Reverse Racism

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So let’s just go ahead and cover this, if you have a problem with this page and enjoy then you are definitely guilty of reverse racism.

You ever watched a black comedians performance… well if you haven’t here….

In every one of their routines they portray us as clueless nerds, it does make for good comedy but you don’t see Dane Cook pretending to be be black saying “Ayyyy dawg, fucks up? peep this. we need to go down to the licka sto for some fowtys and swisha sweets.” All though that would be pretty funny.

Kramer calls some people the N word and the world goes fuckin nuts. Famous black people make jokes about white people and it’s “all good.” This country is fucked up. I’m all up for ending racism, but I sure do see alot more black people being openly racist about white people than I do white people being racist towards blacks. That’s the truth, plain and simple.

Let me show you a video that just scares the fuck out of me, this mentality is nuts. Blacks on C-span talking about killing all the white people.

WHAT’S NEXT? The Ku Klux Klan on BET 106 and Park?

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