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March 3, 2008

#14 Having Money and Still Doing Ill Shit.

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Anyone heard of Michael Vick? Maybe O.J. Simpson? How about Leonard Little? Dwight Gooden? 

Oh and of course, my favorite, Mike Tyson.

 These dumb bastards managed to get themselves caught up in bullshit despite having plenty of wealth to just quit their job and never work again. BUT NOPE! They try to juggle two occupations, professional athlete and criminal. I’m sure it’s fucking tough.

 How about we get off the subject of athletes and switch to rappers.

Anyone ever heard of Corey Miller? I have. He made one of the best rap albums in the late 90’s called “Life or Death”. He’s also referred to in the biz as “C-murder”

(notice the pitbull puppy! LOL)

 Guess what he’s in jail for facing 25 to life…. there’s no point in even making a pun out of this one.

Let’s talk about boy genious, DMX.

This guy decides to pull over a car at an airport that cut him off using flashing lights and then telling the driver that he was undercover federal officer…. hmmm. Maybe if Lil Boosie got out of the car and told me that he was a federal agent, I would believe that more than a 10 year rap veteran.

Well I know the white race has some fuck ups of their own but they just don’t seem to get the attention that these characters do… and I know you’re thinking: “He didn’t say anything about Michael!”

This is about black people… come on!!!


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  1. Robert Downey jr.(actor-drug offenses),Jim Leyritz(baseball-dui, vehicular homicide), Sid Vicious(music-murder),Robert Blake…..I think people will always be human.

    Comment by yeah but — March 9, 2008 @ 5:17 pm

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