Stuff Black People Like

March 3, 2008

#15 White Tee Shirts 3 Sizes Too Big

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Now, another true story. I’m in another area of town populated by mostly blacks and hispanics and I see a group of ten black youths walking around in all oversized white tee shirts. Now I don’t about you all, but if myself and any of my buddies wear anything remotely alike when we go out we look like instant douchebags. Kind of like the guido kids…

As far as I knew the “look like everyone else” days were not in anymore. In fact, it’s almost to the point where non-conforming is conforming. Quite the fucking quandry huh? The only example I could find of a good conforming look can be found below. (Chicken Wings Optional)


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  1. I guess comforing is when I go to work everyday in a gray suit white shirt blue tie and most others in my profession do the same. Its a white tee shirt nothing that special, but maybe its like this….the wear their tee shirts like some peoples cars, you don’t need an SUV but its comfortable. Any way is a fad that was finished with in 05 if you understtod the solidarity behind it you would be to close to being in the know.

    Comment by yeah but — March 9, 2008 @ 5:26 pm

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