Stuff Black People Like

March 3, 2008

#16 Big Butts

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Well, where to begin with this one. Have you ever been on a black porn website? There’s only 1 requirement. Have a big ass. You don’t even have to be hot… now while white pornstars are eating low calorie snack bars and doing a ounce of blow a day and finding time to puke in between meals and personal training sessions, black pornstars are eating donuts and McDonald’s cheeseburgers.

Jenna Jameson Vs. Pinky


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  1. It is true that non whites do like women with what we call thick proportions. The funniest part is that non black and non latins are running to their plastic surgens by the droves to improve their assets. Pinky is well proportioned for her small stature, and her ass is tremendous. There are also many non white adult film stars who are more to the comformatty(which I had learned was bad just now except when it comes to women..smh) of what is considered visually pleasing. However, if some do decide to follow in the foot steps of their Prince (tom brady) Brazil, and many other cultures have beautiful woman, including black women, you may not know this but Alicia Keys has an ass like a champ.

    Comment by yeah but — March 9, 2008 @ 5:38 pm

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