Stuff Black People Like

March 3, 2008

#3 Fried Chicken

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I said god damn that’s some good shit… but really, white folks are a little more health conscious so we try not to eat this shit on a regular basis. Now I’ve heard of different takes on the recipe. Hell! I’ve even heard of them using fried chicken with pancake mix. Why just stop at lunch and dinner for fried chicken when you can have it for breakfast also!

Now, it’s not racism, it’s just smart business that almost every fried chicken joint is located in a black demographic area.

In a recent report by the national institute of diabetes, 79% of Black Females were considered “obese.” Fried chicken being the leading cause…

in response the national organization for the advancement of obese african american womens issued this interpretive dance reply:


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  1. Its true fried chicken is bad for health but I was just thinking about what u said 79% of black women are obese and 2/3 of the country is over so wait there are 300million people in the US and 11% black so 33million black people and 78% white 234 million 66% of the country is over weight that means 154million white people over weight so I guess we not the only ones eatin fried chicken, just food for thought

    Comment by yeah but — March 9, 2008 @ 3:32 pm

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