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March 3, 2008

#8 Reverse Racism

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So let’s just go ahead and cover this, if you have a problem with this page and enjoy then you are definitely guilty of reverse racism.

You ever watched a black comedians performance… well if you haven’t here….

In every one of their routines they portray us as clueless nerds, it does make for good comedy but you don’t see Dane Cook pretending to be be black saying “Ayyyy dawg, fucks up? peep this. we need to go down to the licka sto for some fowtys and swisha sweets.” All though that would be pretty funny.

Kramer calls some people the N word and the world goes fuckin nuts. Famous black people make jokes about white people and it’s “all good.” This country is fucked up. I’m all up for ending racism, but I sure do see alot more black people being openly racist about white people than I do white people being racist towards blacks. That’s the truth, plain and simple.

Let me show you a video that just scares the fuck out of me, this mentality is nuts. Blacks on C-span talking about killing all the white people.

WHAT’S NEXT? The Ku Klux Klan on BET 106 and Park?



  1. Dude, if you are scared of a dude named Ramau Rambon you need to go get checked out. That nigga ain’t nothing but a fool! did you hear the 2 people clapping in the background when he said we need to destroy all white people. That’s enough to know that he is crazy…I’m black and i thought the shit was pretty funny!

    Comment by Josh — March 7, 2008 @ 7:00 pm

  2. Seinfeld calls this form of humor observational humor, kramer wasn’t observing anything. Non Blacks observe a lot of things just that it hard to make humor about things they don’t understand. Black comedians make humor about everybody, and observe things too, and 88% of this country is non black and they have noticed this. I know white people love to be the center of attention, but our most famous comidians make commentarys on everybody including there own back round, and because of this diversity it allows them to be embraced by all cultures. Non blacks being the majority, owning the media outlets and buy up CDs and tickets have empowered this humor even more. Your swisha sweet and 40 comment show you have never met a black person or had a regualr black person to observe, especially since white people also drink and smoke. If you don’t understand Chris Rocks oratory is much more eliquent then mine, he could explain. I thought non blacks had a great sense of humor, hum I guess I was wrong.

    Comment by yeah but — March 9, 2008 @ 4:26 pm

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