Stuff Black People Like

March 3, 2008

#9 Blonde Hair on Black Chicks

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Not sure what to make of this, black people would think we were nuts if every white chick in the music videos had purple or green hair CAUSE THAT SHIT JUST AINT NATURAL!!!

Keyshia Cole


Lil Kim

Well you know, there’s worse black hair fashions… so I don’t have too much to say about blonde hair on black chicks.


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  1. I think hair is a personal choice, I have seen plenty of non blacks with horrible hair styles as well as jet black hair. If those women choose to lighten there hair or darken, and no one gets hurt, and they feel good about it,then good. I see a lot of non blacks trying to darken their skin through tanning salon, spray tan and tanning. In fact I used to love the first day of school so people could argue over who was darker and whose tan was better, their tan lines, and who had a farmers tan. I didn’t think that meant they were trying to change there culture, but you know way more about non-blacks then I do.

    Comment by yeah but — March 9, 2008 @ 4:38 pm

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